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Founded in 2004, Beijing Solarbio Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, committed to providing high quality products and services for our loyal customers. Our products and services are mainly applied in molecular biology, cell biology, immunology and biomedical fields. Solarbio has 7200 square meters of research and production center, 2400 square meters of storage base and equipped with advanced logistics system.
After 20 years of technological accumulation, we established an independent platform for immunology research and development. The platform include peptide design and synthesis, recombinant protein, antibody production and purification, primary antibody customization and related labeling and detection services, Elisa kit customization and other immunological product developments. Our mainly immunology products are antibodies and Elisa kits. Now we can supply more than 12,000 primary antibodies, 1100 secondary antibodies. Solarbio technical team have rich experience in peptide design and recombinant protein expression, which enhanced the reliability of the antibodies.
Solarbio have exceed 1200 ELISA kits, the kits have high stability, good specificity and reliable quality. The detection species mainly include human, rat, mouse, bovine, swine and monkey. Besides these, we keep releasing new products, such as Cell Separation Medium, Staining Kit, Biochemical Assay Kit, Reference materials, Cell signaling Compounds. We got the certification of ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 on 2022, all of Solarbio products could ensured the authenticity and preciseness of the customers' experimental results.
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Established in 2004, Solarbio is performing "Service for scientific research, responsible for life" as our mission, combining with the research requirements of our country, improving and perfecting ourselves, take"Honest, Realistic, Innovative, Efficient, United" as our corporate culture. Ambitious science researchers are welcome to join us to stive for the country's development in medical treatment and life sciences, and work together to build a world-class brand of life science reagents.
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