After-sales Support

Quality Assurance

We guarantee that all the products meet production requirements and pass the ISO system certification. Our management is implemented according to 7S, ISO9001 and other systems or standards, with strong purchase and quality control teams to meet customers’ needs for more types of reagents.


Return and Refund Policy

1. Please check the parcel after receiving it to confirm if there are lacking or wrong products and contact with sales as soon as possible. We will send the lacking or correct products to you according the actual situation.

2. Please contact with sales if you want to return or exchange the products due to transportation process.

3. For complaints of quality, please contact with sales and provide the details of the experiment operations and related pictures, the sales will send these to technical support, they will deal with it in time and send feedback to you.

4. All requests for return and refund must have prior authorization, avoid generating unnecessary freight charges and customs duties.

Note: If you have more questions regarding the order, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help.

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