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Plasmid Extraction Maxi Kit

Quantity: 10


Routine molecular biology laboratory


Plasmid Extraction Kit provides a fast, simple and cost-effective plasmid purification method for routine molecular biology laboratory applications. Plasmid Extraction Kit is designed to lysis the cell by alkali pyrolysis, then to specifically adsorb DNA using a centrifugal adsorption column in the state of high-salt. 200~300 μg high-purity and high-copy plasmid DNA can be extracted from 50~100ml colibacillus LB cultured solution, the extract percentage is 85~90%. Acquired plasmid DNA using our kit is available for a broad range of routine operation, including enzyme-cut, PCR, sequencing, linking and transformation.

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  • GoldView II Nuclear Staining Dye,5000×

  • DNA Loading Buffer, 6×

  • TAE Buffer,50×