Protein Precast-Gel(Native) 15% ,15 wells

No :   PG01515-N
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Application :

Western blot

Product Description :

The precast-gel has specific gel and buffer, high resolution and clear strip. The result is good. It can save a long time, if it has been stored at 4℃ for 18 months, it is easy to open. The loading guide is specific, so it is convenient to load. It is fit for many kinds of electrophoresis tanks such as BIORAD, Liu Yi, Tian Neng and Beijing JUNYI electrophoresis. It is suitable for SDS native and denaturing electrophoresis. You can choose different concentration such as 10%, 12%, 15% and 4%-15%. The thickness of gel is 1.5 mm. It is only need 40-50 minutes to electrophoresis if the voltage is 150. Electrophoresis buffer is free. Glass electrophoresis plate can adsorb less protein.
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