Alcoholic Hematoxylin Solutin, 10%

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Hematoxylin eosin staining is the most commonly staining method in pathology and histology. Hematoxylin is an alkaline natural dye, which can stain the nucleus. The main component of chromatin in thenucleus is DNA. In the double helix structure of DNA, the phosphate groups on the two nucleotide chains areoutward, which makes the outside of the DNA double helix negatively charged and acidic. lt is easy to bestained by ion bond or hydrogen bond with positively charged hematoxylin basic dye.

Alcoholic Hematoxylin Solutin, 10% belongs to the dyeing solution of oxidized hematoxylin. It is mainlycomposcd of hematoxylin and ethanol, and has been fully oxidized. It can be used with different mordants for a variety of hematoxylin dyeing, and can also be used with other dyeing solutions.