FFPE Sample DNA Extraction Kit

No :   D1710
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Application :

The kit adopts special dewaxing solution and the optimal condition of lysis to extract DNA of FFPE Sample. It overcomes inhibition from formaldehyde-mediated DNA and protein cross-linking.Adsorption column that was specific bound with DNA and unique buffer are be used in this kit, so that it can purify high quality DNA to small volume of elution buffer. Extracted DNA fragments arecomplete, high purity, stable and reliable quality.

Product Description :

The Paraffin-embedded tissue DNA extraction kit is optimized for purification of DNA from FFPE tissue sections. It uses special method to remove paraffin, and provides unique lysis conditions for DNA release from tissue slice, well removes formalin crosslinking of the released DNA, reducing the damage of formalin to DNA maximally. Combined selective-binding silica-based membrane and flexible elution system, this kit could elute high-quality DNA.
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