Animal Tissues/Cells Genomic DNA Extraction Kit

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The kit can adopts centrifugal adsorption column and unique buffer system can specific binding DNA to extract the genomic DNA of tissues and cells. Solarbio nucleic acid extraction kit use imported silicon substrate membrane, which can adsorb the genome specifically. They have unique lysis buffer and buffer liquid system, can extract the genome specifically in the sample with adsorption column. The extracted genome can be used directly for downstream experiments. Cat no: D1100 Plasmid Extraction Mini Kit: Extraction volume: 2-20ug; Cat no:D1700Animal tissuescells Genomic DNA Extraction Kit: Extract volume: 2-20ug; Cat no:R1200 Total RNA Extraction Kit: more than 100ug.

Product Description :

The kit is based on a centrifugal adsorption column and unique buffer system that specifically binds DNA and a unique buffer system to extract the genomic DNA from tissues and cells. The silica matrix material used in the centrifugal adsorption column is a new type of material which can bind DNA specifically, and can remove impurity proteins and other organic compounds in cells to the utmost extent. Extracted genomic DNA fragments with large, high purity, stable and reliable quality. Extracted genomic DNA can be used in a variety of routine operations, including enzyme digestion, PCR, library construction, Southern Blotting etc.
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