Glutathione Reductases(GR) Activity Assay Kit

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GR is a flavoprotein oxidoreductase widely existing in eukaryotes and prokaryotes. GR catalyzes the reduction of GSSG to GSH, which is one of the key enzymes of glutathione redox cycle (GR is usually replaced by TrxR in insects). GR catalyzes the reduction of GSSG to generate GSH by NADPH, which is helpful to maintain the body's GSH/GSSG ratio. GR plays a key role in the scavenging of reactive oxygen species in oxidative stress. In addition, GR also participates in the cycle pathway of ascorbic acid and glutathione.
GR catalyzes the reduction of GSSG by NADPH to produce GSH, at the same time, NADPH dehydrogenation produces NADP+; NADPH has a characteristic absorption at 340 nm. On the contrary, NADP+ has no absorption peak at this wavelength. The rate of NADPH dehydrogenation is determined by measuring the rate of decrease of absorbance at 340 nm, thereby calculating GR activity.
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