NADP-Malate Dehydrogenase(NAD-MDH) Activity Assay Kit

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Microplate reader

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MDH(EC widely exist in animal, plant, microbe and cells culture. MDH in mitochondria is one of the key enzymes of TCA cycle, which catalyzes the formation of oxaloacetic acid from malic acid. In contrast, MDH in serum catalyzes the formation of malic acid from oxaloacetic acid. Oxaloacetic acid is an important intermediate that connects several important metabolic pathways. MDH plays an important role in many physiological activities of cells, including mitochondrial energy metabolism, malic acid-aspartic acid shuttle system, reactive oxygen species metabolism and disease resistance. According to the different coenzyme specificity, MDH is divided into NAD- dependent MDH and NADP- dependent MDH. NADP-MDH is mainly present in eukaryotic cells.
NADP-MDH catalyzes NADPH to reduce oxaloacetic acid into malic acid, resulting in a decrease in absorption at 340 nm.
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