Glutamine Synthetase(GS) Activity Assay Kit

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Microplate reader

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Glutamine synthetase(GS) exists mainly in plants, is one of the key enzymes of ammonia assimilation in organism, which can catalytic synthesis of glutamine by ammonium ion and glutamic acid. The synthesis of glutamine not only prevents excessive ammonium ions from being toxic to organisms, but glutamine is also the main storage and transport form of ammonia.
GS catalyzes the synthesis of glutamine from ammonium and glutamic acid in the presence of ATP and Mg2+. Glutamine is further converted to gamma-glutamyl hydroxamic acid, which can form a red complex with iron under acidic condition. Since the absorbance at 540 nm is proportional to the amount of red complex, the GS activity can be quantified by measuring the color development at 540 nm.
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