Cysteine(Cys) Content Assay Kit

No :   BC0185
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Microplate reader

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Protein contains three kinds of sulfur-containing amino acids: methionine, cystine and cysteine(Cys). Cys is the only sulfur-containing amino acid containing sulfhydryl groups, which derived from methionine and can be transformed with cystine. Cys participate in the formation of protein disulfide bonds and usually a component of active centers of protein and can provide mercapto groups for other physiological and biochemical reactions. Besides, a large amount of Cys accumulated on skin and mucosal surfaces to maintain elasticity and texture of skin and keep the activity of thiolase in the process of keratin production. It has the functions of whitening, detoxification, inflammation improvement and so on.
The phosphotungstic acid is reduced to tungsten blue by Cys, and the tungsten blue has absorption peak at 600 nm. In this kit, the content of Cys is calculated by measuring the absorbance at 600 nm .
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