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Precast Nuclein Gel 5%,15 wells

Quantity: 10


Precast Nuclein Gel are suitable for nucleic acid electrophoresis with 50 to 2,000 base pairs, and suitable for DNA electrophoresis, including analysis of restriction enzyme cutting, PCR products, DNA blotting analysis and primer analysis.Concentration: 5%, 10% and 15%


Cassette size: 10.0x8.5x0.45cm
Gel size: 8.0x7.4x0.15cm
Concentration: 5%
Separation Range: 50-2000bp.
Wells: 15 wells
Sample loading volume: 25ul
Running buffer: 1X TBE buffer
Electrophoresis condition: 150V, 50-75min
Storage: 4℃, 2 months.
Application: Purification of DNA restriction fragments for cloning, PCR product analysis and purification, Southern Blot analysis primers analysis.