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Gram-positive Bacterium Genomic DNA Extraction Kit

Quantity: 10


Binds DNA and extract Gram-positive genomic DNA.


Kit Contents:
Component D1650-50T D1650-100T
Lysozyme 3ml 5.5ml
RNase A 1ml 1ml×2
Proteinase K 1ml 1ml×2
Solution A 10ml 20ml
Solution B 10ml 20ml
Washing buffer 15ml 15ml×2
Elution buffer 15ml 30ml
Adsorption column 50 units 100 units
Collection tube 50 units 100 units
Instructions 1 unit 1 unit
Product Description
Gram-positive Bacterium Genomic DNA Extraction Kit is based on a centrifugal adsorption column that specifically binds DNA and a unique buffer system to extract Gram-positive genomic DNA. The spin column is made of new type of silica membrane which can bind DNA specifically,and can remove impurity proteins and other organic compounds in cells to the utmost extent.DNA purified by Gram-positive Bacterium Genomic DNA Extraction Kit is highly suited for restriction analysis, PCR analysis, Southern blotting, and cDNA library.

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  • 1kb DNA Ladder

  • Plasmid Extraction Mini Kit

  • GoldView II Nuclear Staining Dye,5000×

  • DNA Loading Buffer, 6×

  • TAE Buffer,50×