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Yeast Genomic DNA Extraction Maxi Kit

Quantity: 10


Extraction of gDNA from yeast sample.


Yeast Genomic DNA Extraction Kit is based on silica membrane technology and provided special buffer system for extraction of gDNA from yeast sample. The spin column is made of new type silica membrane can bind DNA optimally on given salt and pH conditions. Simple centrifugation processing completely removes contaminants and enzyme inhibitors such as proteins and divalent cation. Purified DNA  by Yeast DNA Kit is highly suited for restriction analysis, PCR analysis, Southern blotting and cDNA library.

  • D2000 DNA Ladder

  • 1kb DNA Ladder

  • Yeast Plasmid Extraction Kit

  • GoldView II Nuclear Staining Dye,5000×

  • DNA Loading Buffer, 6×

  • TAE Buffer,50×