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Bradford Protein Assay Kit

Quantity: 10


Protein concentration assay kit.


Coomassie (Bradford) Protein Assay Kit determines the protein concentration is not affected by the chemicals in most samples. The concentration of mercaptoethanol in the sample can be as high as 1M, and the concentration of dithiothreitol can be as high as 5mM, but it is affected by a slightly higher concentration of detergent. To ensure that the SDS concentration is below 0.1%, Triton X-100 is below 0.1%, and Tween 20, 60, 80 is below 0.06%. Samples containing detergents are recommended to use the BCA Protein Assay Kit (PC0020).

  • SDS-PAGE loading buffer,4×(with DTT)

  • Protein standard solution (5mg/ml BSA)

  • WB Transfer Buffer,10×

  • BCA Protein Assay Kit

  • SDS-PAGE Gel Kit

  • RIPA buffer(high efficiency)