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FITC(POD) Conjugated Goat IgG SABC Kit

Quantity: 100


This kit is suitable for anti-goat IgG immunohistochemical and stain with DAB or FITC chromogen .


This kit is suitable for anti-goat IgG immunohistochemical and stain with DAB or FITC chromogen .

SABC (Streptavidin Biotin Complex) kit is specially designed for displaying the distribution of antigens in tissues and cells in immunochemistry and other immunodetection analyses. Streptavidin is a 47,000 Dalton protein purified from the streptomycete. Streptavidin has extraordinarily strong affinity to biotin molecules. The dissociation constant(Kd) of the biotin streptavidin complex is on the order of ~10-15 mol/L, a million times higher than the typical affinity between antigens and their antibodies. Streptavidin has very low non-specific binding to tissues and cells, due to its nearly neutral isoelectric point(IP=6.0~6.5). Therefore, immunohistochemical analyses using the streptavidin-biotin complex has extremely low background. Furthermore, this kit has high sensitivity because each SABC complex it generates has a large number of peroxidase and streptavidin molecules. In brief, SABC offers high specificity, low background and ease-of-use.