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FITC(POD) Conjugated Mouse IgG SABC Kit

Quantity: 10


This kit is suitable for anti-mouse IgG immunohistochemical and detect with DAB chromogen or FITC.


This kit is suitable for anti-mouse IgG immunohistochemical and detect with DAB chromogen or FITC.

SABC (Streptavidin Biotin Complex) kit is specially designed for displaying the distribution of antigens in tissues and cells in immunochemistry and other immunodetection analyses. Streptavidin is a 47,000 Dalton protein purified from the streptomycete. Streptavidin has extraordinarily strong affinity to biotin molecules. The dissociation constant(Kd) of the biotin streptavidin complex is on the order of ~10-15 mol/L, a million times higher than the typical affinity between antigens and their antibodies. Streptavidin has very low non-specific binding to tissues and cells, due to its nearly neutral isoelectric point(IP=6.0~6.5). Therefore, immunohistochemical analyses using the streptavidin-biotin complex has extremely low background. Furthermore, this kit has high sensitivity because each SABC complex it generates has a large number of peroxidase and streptavidin molecules. In brief, SABC offers high specificity, low background and ease-of-use.

  • Mayer' Hematoxylin solution (For IHC)

  • Antibody Dilution Buffer

  • Primary Antibody Dilution Buffer

  • HRP-conjugated Antibody Dilution Buffer

  • Fluorescent Antibody Dilution Buffer

  • Poly-L-lysine Solution,10×