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Poly-Gel DNA Extraction Kit

Quantity: 10


Extract and purify DNA from polyacrylamide gel.


Poly-Gel DNA Extraction Kit is designed to extract and purify DNA from polyacrylamide gel. The kit combines the convenience of spin-column technology with the selective binding properties of a uniquely designed silica membrane. Special buffers are optimized for efficient recovery of DNA and removal of contaminants.
Purified nucleic acids could directly use in applications such as restriction enzyme digestion, PCR, sequencing, library screening, ligation and transformation, in vitro translation, and transfection of robust cells.

  • Blood Genomic DNA Extraction Kit (Spin column)

  • DNA Viral Genome Extraction Kit

  • 40% Acrylamide/Bis Solution, 19:1

  • 10% ammonium persulfate solution

  • EB Solution,10mg/ml

  • TBE Buffer,5×