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Western Blotting Mouse IgG DAB Chromogenic Kit

Quantity: 5


Western blotting detection kit


1. Blocking Reagent                                  30g  
2. 10×Concentrated antibody diluent solution                50ml  
3. HRP-conjugated Secondary antibody (1:500-3000)      0.5ml
4. 20×DAB chromogenic reagent                           5ml A+5ml B
DAB is the chromogenic substrate of peroxidase. The reaction product is a brown precipitate insoluble in water, dimethylbenzene or alcohol, which makes DAB suitable for color development reaction in western blotting.
This Western Blotting DAB Chromogenic kit provides an easy, consistent, sensitive and highly specific detection solution to your protein of interest. Our proprietary polymeric labeling of peroxidase conjugated secondary antibodies offers superior sensitivity in western blotting, significant increase in the detection range, high signal-to-noise ratio, and lower primary antibodies consumption.

  • ECL Western Blotting Detection Kit(Mouse IgG)

  • Stripping buffer

  • Western Blocking Buffer

  • Antibody Dilution Buffer

  • ECL Western Blotting Substrate

  • TBST,10×