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Peroxidase Conjugated Rabbit IgG SP Kit

Quantity: 20


This kit is used on primary antibodies from rabbit.


SP kit is specially designed for displaying the distribution of antigens in tissues and cells in immunochemistry and other immunodetection analyses. Streptavidin is a kind of protein which extracted from streptavidin and has a high affinity with biotin. The isoelectric point of streptavidin is closed to neutral, the nonspecific adsorption for tissue and cell is low so the background of immunohistochemical method based streptavidin is low too.

  • Mayer' Hematoxylin solution (For IHC)

  • Antibody Dilution Buffer

  • Primary Antibody Dilution Buffer

  • HRP-conjugated Antibody Dilution Buffer

  • Poly-L-lysine Solution,10×

  • Trypsin Digestion solution,0.1%